Module: cirq.contrib.acquaintance

Tools for creating and using acquaintance strategies.


bipartite module

devices module

executor module

gates module

inspection_utils module

mutation_utils module

optimizers module

permutation module

shift module

shift_swap_network module

strategies module: Acquaintance strategies.

testing module

topological_sort module


class AcquaintanceOperation: Represents an a acquaintance opportunity between a particular set of logical indices on a particular set of physical qubits.

class AcquaintanceOpportunityGate: Represents an acquaintance opportunity.

class BipartiteGraphType: An enumeration.

class BipartiteSwapNetworkGate: A swap network that acquaints qubits in one half with qubits in the other.

class CircularShiftGate: Performs a cyclical permutation of the qubits to the left by a specified amount.

class GreedyExecutionStrategy: A greedy execution strategy.

class LinearPermutationGate: A permutation gate that decomposes a given permutation using a linear sorting network.

class PermutationGate: A permutation gate indicates a change in the mapping from qubits to logical indices.

class ShiftSwapNetworkGate: A swap network that generalizes the circular shift gate.

class StrategyExecutorTransformer: Executes an acquaintance strategy.

class SwapNetworkGate: A single gate representing a generalized swap network.

class SwapPermutationGate: Generic swap gate.





complete_acquaintance_strategy(...): Returns an acquaintance strategy with can handle the given number of qubits.

cubic_acquaintance_strategy(...): Acquaints every triple of qubits.

display_mapping(...): Inserts display gates between moments to indicate the mapping throughout the circuit.

expose_acquaintance_gates(...): Decomposes permutation gates that provide acquaintance opportunities.

get_acquaintance_size(...): The maximum number of qubits to be acquainted with each other.


get_logical_operations(...): Gets the logical operations specified by the physical operations and initial mapping.

is_topologically_sorted(...): Whether a given order of operations is consistent with the DAG.

quartic_paired_acquaintance_strategy(...): Acquaintance strategy for pairs of pairs.


rectify_acquaintance_strategy(...): Splits moments so that they contain either only acquaintance or permutation gates.

remove_redundant_acquaintance_opportunities(...): Removes redundant acquaintance opportunities.

replace_acquaintance_with_swap_network(...): Replace every rectified moment with acquaintance gates with a generalized swap network.


update_mapping(...): Updates a mapping (in place) from qubits to logical indices according to a set of permutation gates.


UnconstrainedAcquaintanceDevice Instance of cirq.contrib.acquaintance.devices._UnconstrainedAcquaintanceDevice