Creates a reasonable PerQubitDepolarizingWithDampedReadoutNoiseModel using the provided calibration data.

calibration a Calibration object (cirq/google/engine/ This object can be retrieved from the engine by calling 'get_latest_calibration()' or 'get_calibration()' using the ID of the target processor.
depol_noise Enables per-gate depolarization if True.
damping_noise Enables per-gate amplitude damping if True. Currently unimplemented.
readout_decay_noise Enables pre-readout amplitude damping if True.
readout_error_noise Enables pre-readout bitflip errors if True.

A PerQubitDepolarizingWithDampedReadoutNoiseModel with error probabilities generated from the provided calibration data.

NotImplementedError If damping_noise is True, as this is not yet supported.
ValueError If none of the noises is set to True.