Generate a TwoQubitGateTabulation for a base two qubit unitary.

base_gate The base gate of the tabulation.
max_infidelity Sets the desired density of tabulated product unitaries. The typical nearest neighbor Euclidean spacing (of the KAK vectors) will be on the order of \(\sqrt{max\_infidelity}\). Thus the number of tabulated points will scale as \(max\_infidelity^{-3/2}\).
sample_scaling Relative number of random gate products to use in the tabulation. The total number of random local unitaries scales as ~ \(max\_infidelity^{-3/2} * sample\_scaling\). Must be positive.
random_state Random state or random state seed.
allow_missed_points If True, the tabulation is allowed to conclude even if not all points in the Weyl chamber are expected to be compilable using 2 or 3 base gates. Otherwise, an error is raised in this case.

A TwoQubitGateTabulation object used to compile new two-qubit gates from products of the base gate with 1-local unitaries.

ValueError If allow_missing_points is False and not all the points in the Weyl chamber are compilable using 2 or 3 base gates.