Module: cirq_google.engine.runtime_estimator

Utility functions to estimate runtime using Engine to execute circuits.

Users can call estimate_run_time, estimate_run_sweep_time, or estimate_run_batch_time to retrieve approximations of runtime on QCS of various sizes and shapes of circuits.

Times were extrapolated from actual runs on Sycamore processors during November 2021. These times should only be used as a rough guide. Your experience may vary based on many factors not captured here.

Parameters were calculated using a variety of width/depth/sweeps from the rep rate calculator, see:

Model was then fitted by hand, correcting for anomalies and outliers when possible.


estimate_run_batch_time(...): Compute the estimated time for running a batch of programs.

estimate_run_sweep_time(...): Compute the estimated time for running a parameter sweep across a single Circuit.

estimate_run_time(...): Compute the estimated time for running a single circuit.