Merges connected components of operations and wraps each component into a circuit operation.

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Uses cirq.merge_operations to identify connected components of operations. Moment structure is preserved for operations that do not participate in merging. For merged operations, the newly created circuit operations are constructed by inserting operations using EARLIEST strategy. If you need more control on moment structure of newly created circuit operations, consider using cirq.merge_operations directly with a custom merge_func.

circuit Input circuit to apply the transformations on. The input circuit is not mutated.
can_merge Callable to determine whether a new operation right_op can be merged into an existing connected component of operations left_ops based on boolen returned by can_merge(left_ops, right_op).
tags_to_ignore Tagged operations marked any of tags_to_ignore will not be considered as potential candidates for any connected component.
merged_circuit_op_tag Tag to be applied on circuit operations wrapping valid connected components.
deep If true, the transformer primitive will be recursively applied to all circuits wrapped inside circuit operations.

Copy of input circuit with valid connected components wrapped in tagged circuit operations.