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Get an EngineSampler assuming some sensible defaults.

This uses the environment variable GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT for the Engine project_id, unless set explicitly.

processor_id Engine processor ID (from Cloud console or <a href="../../cirq_google/engine/Engine#list_processors"><code>Engine.list_processors</code></a>).
gate_set_name One of ['sqrt_iswap', 'sycamore']. See cirq_google.NAMED_GATESETS.
project_id Optional explicit Google Cloud project id. Otherwise, this defaults to the environment variable GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT. By using an environment variable, you can avoid hard-coding personal project IDs in shared code.

A QuantumEngineSampler instance.

ValueError If the supplied gate set is not a supported gate set name.
EnvironmentError If no project_id is specified and the environment variable GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT is not set.