User-requested configuration of how to execute a given cg.QuantumExecutableGroup.

processor The cg.AbstractEngineProcessor responsible for running circuits and providing device information.
run_id A unique str identifier for a run. If data already exists for the specified run_id, an exception will be raised. If not specified, we will generate a UUID4 run identifier.
random_seed An initial seed to make the run deterministic. Otherwise, the default numpy seed will be used.
qubit_placer A cg.QubitPlacer implementation to map executable qubits to device qubits. The placer is only called if a given cg.QuantumExecutable has a problem_topology. This subroutine's runtime is keyed by "placement" in RuntimeInfo.timings_s.
target_gateset If not None, compile all circuits to this target gateset prior to execution with cirq.optimize_for_target_gateset.

processor_record Dataclass field
run_id Dataclass field
random_seed Dataclass field
qubit_placer Dataclass field
target_gateset Dataclass field



Return self==value.

qubit_placer Instance of cirq_google.workflow.NaiveQubitPlacer
random_seed None
run_id None
target_gateset None