Decomposes a two-qubit unitary matrix into cirq_google.SYC + single qubit rotations.

The analytical decomposition first Synthesizes the given operation using cirq.CZPowGate + single qubit rotations and then decomposes each cirq.CZPowGate into cirq_google.SYC + single qubit rotations using cirq_google.known_2q_op_to_sycamore_operations.

Note that the resulting decomposition may not be optimal, and users should first try to decompose a given operation using cirq_google.known_2q_op_to_sycamore_operations.

q0 The first qubit being operated on.
q1 The other qubit being operated on.
mat Defines the operation to apply to the pair of qubits.
atol A limit on the amount of absolute error introduced by the construction.
clean_operations Merges runs of single qubit gates to a single cirq.PhasedXZGate in the resulting operations list.

A cirq.OP_TREE that implements the given unitary operation using only cirq_google.SYC + single qubit rotations.