Module: cirq_ionq


calibration module

ionq_client module: Client for making requests to IonQ's API.

ionq_devices module: Devices for IonQ hardware.

ionq_exceptions module: Exceptions for the IonQ API.

ionq_gateset module: Target gateset used for compiling circuits to IonQ device.

ionq_native_gates module: Native gates for IonQ hardware

job module: Represents a job created via the IonQ API.

json_resolver_cache module

results module: Result types for the IonQ API.

sampler module: A cirq.Sampler implementation for the IonQ API.

serializer module: Support for serializing gates supported by IonQ's API.

service module: Service to access IonQs API.


class Calibration: An object representing the current calibration state of a QPU.

class GPI2Gate: The GPI2 gate is a single qubit gate representing a pi/2 pulse.

class GPIGate: The GPI gate is a single qubit gate representing a pi pulse.

class IonQAPIDevice: A device that uses the QIS gates exposed by the IonQ API.

class IonQException: An exception for errors coming from IonQ's API.

class IonQNotFoundException: An exception for errors from IonQ's API when a resource is not found.

class IonQTargetGateset: Target gateset for compiling circuits to IonQ devices.

class IonQUnsuccessfulJobException: An exception for attempting to get info about an unsuccessful job.

class Job: A job created on the IonQ API.

class MSGate: The Mølmer–Sørensen (MS) gate is a two qubit gate native to trapped ions.

class QPUResult: The results of running on an IonQ QPU.

class Sampler: A sampler that works against the IonQ API.

class SerializedProgram: A container for the serialized portions of a cirq.Circuit.

class Serializer: Takes gates supported by IonQ's API and converts them to IonQ json form.

class Service: A class to access IonQ's API.

class SimulatorResult: The results of running on an IonQ simulator.


decompose_all_to_all_connect_ccz_gate(...): Decomposition of all-to-all connected qubits are different from line qubits or grid qubits.

decompose_to_device(...): THIS FUNCTION IS DEPRECATED.

version '1.3.0'