Base Class for transformer logging infrastructure. Defaults to text-based logging.

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The logger implementation should be stateful, s.t.:

- Each call to `register_initial` registers a new transformer stage and initial circuit.
- Each subsequent call to `log` should store additional logs corresponding to the stage.
- Each call to `register_final` should register the end of the currently active stage.

The logger assumes that

- Transformers are run sequentially.
- Nested transformers are allowed, in which case the behavior would be similar to a
  doing a depth first search on the graph of transformers -- i.e. the top level transformer
  would end (i.e. receive a `register_final` call) once all nested transformers (i.e. all
  `register_initial` calls received while the top level transformer was active) have
  finished (i.e. corresponding `register_final` calls have also been received).
- This behavior can be simulated by maintaining a stack of currently active stages and
  adding data from `log` calls to the stage at the top of the stack.

The LogLevels can be used to control the input processing and output resolution of the logs.



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Log additional metadata corresponding to the currently active transformer stage.

*args The additional metadata to log.
level Logging level to control the amount of metadata that gets put into the context.

ValueError If there's no active transformer on the stack.


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Register the end of the currently active transformer stage.

circuit Final transformed output circuit from the transformer stage.
transformer_name Name of the (currently active) transformer stage which ends.

ValueError If transformer_name is different from currently active transformer name.


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Register the beginning of a new transformer stage.

circuit Input circuit to the new transformer stage.
transformer_name Name of the new transformer stage.


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Show the stored logs >= level in the desired format.

level The logging level to filter the logs with. The method shows all logs with a LogLevel >= level.