Module: cirq_google.workflow

Utilities for running end-to-end experiments using Quantum Computing Service (QCS).


io module: Facilities for dealing with data input and output for the quantum runtime.

processor_record module

progress module: Progress and logging facilities for the quantum runtime.

quantum_executable module: Data structures for programs executable on a quantum runtime.

quantum_runtime module: Runtime information dataclasses and execution of executables.

qubit_placement module: Features for placing qubits onto devices.


class BitstringsMeasurement: Use in-circuit MeasurementGate to collect many repetitions of strings of bits.

class CouldNotPlaceError: Raised if a problem topology could not be placed on a device graph.

class EngineProcessorRecord: A serializable record of processor_id to map to a cg.EngineProcessor.

class ExecutableGroupResult: Results for a cg.QuantumExecutableGroup.

class ExecutableGroupResultFilesystemRecord: Filename references to the constituent parts of a cg.ExecutableGroupResult.

class ExecutableResult: Results for a cg.QuantumExecutable.

class ExecutableSpec: Specification metadata about an executable.

class HardcodedQubitPlacer

class KeyValueExecutableSpec: A generic executable spec whose metadata is a list of key-value pairs.

class NaiveQubitPlacer: Don't do any qubit placement, use circuit qubits.

class ProcessorRecord: A serializable record that maps to a particular cg.engine.AbstractProcessor.

class QuantumExecutable: An executable quantum program.

class QuantumExecutableGroup: A collection of QuantumExecutables.

class QuantumRuntimeConfiguration: User-requested configuration of how to execute a given cg.QuantumExecutableGroup.

class QubitPlacer

class RandomDevicePlacer

class RuntimeInfo: Runtime information relevant to a particular cg.QuantumExecutable.

class SharedRuntimeInfo: Runtime information common to all cg.QuantumExecutables in an execution of a cg.QuantumExecutableGroup.

class SimulatedProcessorRecord: A serializable record mapping a processor_id and optional noise spec to a simulator-backed mock of cg.AbstractProcessor.

class SimulatedProcessorWithLocalDeviceRecord: A serializable record mapping a processor_id and optional noise spec to a completely local cg.AbstractProcessor


execute(...): Execute a cg.QuantumExecutableGroup according to a cg.QuantumRuntimeConfiguration.