Resolves symbol parameters in the effect using the param resolver.

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This function will use the _resolve_parameters_ magic method of val to resolve any Symbols with concrete values from the given parameter resolver.

val The object to resolve (e.g. the gate, operation, etc)
param_resolver the object to use for resolving all symbols
recursive if True, resolves parameters recursively over the resolver; otherwise performs a single resolution step.

a gate or operation of the same type, but with all Symbols replaced with floats or terminal symbols according to the given cirq.ParamResolver. If val has no _resolve_parameters_ method or if it returns NotImplemented, val itself is returned. Note that in some cases, such as when directly resolving a sympy Symbol, the return type could differ from the input type; however, for the much more common case of resolving parameters on cirq objects (or if resolving a Union[Symbol, float] instead of just a Symbol), the return type will be the same as val so we reflect that in the type signature of this protocol function.

RecursionError if the ParamResolver detects a loop in resolution. ValueError if recursive=False is passed to an external _resolveparameters method with no recursive parameter.