Recursively decomposes a value into cirq.Operations meeting a criteria.

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val The value to decompose into operations.
intercepting_decomposer An optional method that is called before the default decomposer (the value's _decompose_ method). If intercepting_decomposer is specified and returns a result that isn't NotImplemented or None, that result is used. Otherwise the decomposition falls back to the default decomposer.

Note that val will be passed into intercepting_decomposer, even if val isn't a cirq.Operation.

fallback_decomposer An optional decomposition that used after the intercepting_decomposer and the default decomposer (the value's _decompose_ method) both fail.
keep A predicate that determines if the initial operation or intermediate decomposed operations should be kept or else need to be decomposed further. If keep isn't specified, it defaults to "value can't be decomposed anymore".
on_stuck_raise If there is an operation that can't be decomposed and also can't be kept, on_stuck_raise is used to determine what error to raise. on_stuck_raise can either directly be an Exception, or a method that takes the problematic operation and returns an Exception. If on_stuck_raise is set to None or a method that returns None, non-decomposable operations are simply silently kept. on_stuck_raise defaults to a ValueError describing the unwanted non-decomposable operation.
preserve_structure Prevents subcircuits (i.e. CircuitOperations) from being decomposed, but decomposes their contents. If this is True, intercepting_decomposer cannot be specified.
context Decomposition context specifying common configurable options for controlling the behavior of decompose.

A list of operations that the given value was decomposed into. If on_stuck_raise isn't set to None, all operations in the list will satisfy the predicate specified by keep.

TypeError val isn't a cirq.Operation and can't be decomposed even once. (So it's not possible to return a list of operations.)
ValueError Default type of error raised if there's an non-decomposable operation that doesn't satisfy the given keep predicate.
TError Custom type of error raised if there's an non-decomposable operation that doesn't satisfy the given keep predicate.