Returns the big-endian integer specified by the given digits and base.

digits Digits of the integer, with the least significant digit at the end.
base The base, or list of per-digit bases, to use when combining the digits into an integer. When a list of bases is specified, the last entry in the list is the base for the last entry of the digits list (i.e. the least significant digit). That is to say, the bases are also specified in big endian order.

The integer.

ValueError One of the digits is out of range for its base. The base was specified per-digit (as a list) but the length of the bases list is different from the number of digits.

>>> cirq.big_endian_digits_to_int([0, 1], base=10)
cirq.big_endian_digits_to_int([1, 0], base=10)
cirq.big_endian_digits_to_int([1, 2, 3], base=[2, 3, 4])