Breaks down a 2x2 unitary into ZYZ angle parameters.

Given a unitary U, this function returns three angles: \(\phi_0, \phi_1, \phi_2\), such that: \(U = Z^{\phi_2 / \pi} Y^{\phi_1 / \pi} Z^{\phi_0/ \pi}\) for the Pauli matrices Y and Z. That is, phasing around Z by \(\phi_0\) radians, then rotating around Y by \(\phi_1\) radians, and then phasing again by \(\phi_2\) radians will produce the same effect as the original unitary. (Note that the matrices are applied right to left.)

mat The 2x2 unitary matrix to break down.

A tuple containing the amount to phase around Z, then rotate around Y, then phase around Z (all in radians).