Module: cirq_pasqal

Devices, qubits, and sampler for Pasqal's neutral atom device.


json_resolver_cache module

pasqal_device module

pasqal_gateset module

pasqal_noise_model module

pasqal_qubits module

pasqal_sampler module


class PasqalDevice: A generic Pasqal device.

class PasqalGateset: A Compilation target intended for Pasqal neutral atom devices.

class PasqalNoiseModel: A noise model for Pasqal neutral atom device

class PasqalSampler: Something capable of sampling quantum circuits. Simulator or hardware.

class PasqalVirtualDevice: A Pasqal virtual device with qubits in 3d.

class ThreeDQubit: A qubit in 3d.

class TwoDQubit: A qubit in 2d.

version '1.3.0'