Translates between cirq_google.Calibration and NoiseProperties.

The NoiseProperties object can then be used as input to the cirq_google.NoiseModelFromGoogleNoiseProperties class to create a cirq.NoiseModel that can be used with a simulator.

To manually override noise properties, call with_params on the output:

<pre class="devsite-click-to-copy prettyprint lang-py">
<code class="devsite-terminal" data-terminal-prefix="&gt;&gt;&gt;">cal = cirq_google.engine.load_median_device_calibration(&quot;rainbow&quot;)</code>
<code class="devsite-terminal" data-terminal-prefix="&gt;&gt;&gt;"># noise_props with all gate durations set to 37ns.</code>
<code class="devsite-terminal" data-terminal-prefix="&gt;&gt;&gt;">noise_props = cirq_google.engine.noise_properties_from_calibration(cal).with_params(</code>
<code class="devsite-terminal" data-terminal-prefix="...">    gate_times_ns=37)</code>
<code class="no-select nocode">    </code>

See cirq_google.GoogleNoiseProperties for details.

calibration a Calibration object with hardware metrics.
zphase_data Optional data for Z phases not captured by Calibration - specifically, zeta and gamma. These values require Floquet calibration and can be provided here if available.
gate_times_ns Map of gate durations in nanoseconds. If not provided, defaults to the Sycamore gate times listed in

A cirq_google.GoogleNoiseProperties which represents the error present in the given Calibration object.