Synthesizes a known two-qubit operation using cirq_google.SYC + single qubit rotations.

This function dispatches to various known gate decompositions based on gate type. Currently, the following gates are known:

1. Adjacent <a href=""><code>cirq.SWAP</code></a> and <a href=""><code>cirq.ZPowGate</code></a> wrapped in a circuit operation of length 2.
2. <a href=""><code>cirq.PhasedISwapPowGate</code></a> with exponent = 1 or phase_exponent = 0.25.
3. <a href=""><code>cirq.SWAP</code></a>, <a href=""><code>cirq.ISWAP</code></a>.
4. <a href=""><code>cirq.CNotPowGate</code></a>, <a href=""><code>cirq.CZPowGate</code></a>, <a href=""><code>cirq.ZZPowGate</code></a>.

op Operation to decompose.

  • A cirq.OP_TREE that implements the given known operation using only cirq_google.SYC + single qubit rotations OR
  • None if op is not a known operation.