Module: cirq_google.transformers

Transformers for compiling to Google-specific gates, such as Sycamore.


analytical_decompositions module

target_gatesets module: cirq.CompilationTargetGateset implementations for cirq_google gatesets and devices.


class GoogleCZTargetGateset: cirq.CZTargetGateset implementation tailored to Google devices.

class SycamoreTargetGateset: Target gateset containing Sycamore + single qubit rotations + Measurement gates.


known_2q_op_to_sycamore_operations(...): Synthesizes a known two-qubit operation using cirq_google.SYC + single qubit rotations.

two_qubit_matrix_to_sycamore_operations(...): Decomposes a two-qubit unitary matrix into cirq_google.SYC + single qubit rotations.