Plot the state histogram from either a single result with repetitions or a histogram computed using result.histogram() or a flattened histogram of measurement results computed using get_state_histogram.

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

data The histogram values to plot. Possible options are: result.Result: Histogram is computed using get_state_histogram and all 2 ** num_qubits values are plotted, including 0s. collections.Counter: Only (key, value) pairs present in collection are plotted. Sequence[SupportsFloat]: Values in the input sequence are plotted. i'th entry corresponds to height of the i'th bar in histogram.
ax The Axes to plot on. If not given, a new figure is created, plotted on, and shown.
tick_label Tick labels for the histogram plot in case input is not collections.Counter. By default, label for i'th entry is |i>.
xlabel Label for the x-axis.
ylabel Label for the y-axis.
title Title of the plot.

The axis that was plotted on.