Distribution of a value in 2D qubit lattice as a color map.

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value_map A dictionary of qubits or QubitTuples as keys and corresponding magnitude as float values. It corresponds to the data which should be plotted as a heatmap.
**kwargs Optional kwargs including title: str, default = None plot_colorbar: bool, default = True

annotation_map: dictionary, A dictionary of QubitTuples as keys and corresponding annotation str as values. It corresponds to the text that should be added on top of each heatmap polygon unit. annotation_format: str, default = '.2g' Formatting string using which annotation_map will be implicitly constructed by applying format(value, annotation_format) for each key in value_map. This is ignored if annotation_map is explicitly specified. annotation_text_kwargs: Matplotlib Text **kwargs,

colorbar_position: {'right', 'left', 'top', 'bottom'}, default = 'right' colorbar_size: str, default = '5%' colorbar_pad: str, default = '2%' colorbar_options: Matplotlib colorbar **kwargs, default = None,

collection_options: Matplotlib PolyCollection **kwargs, default {"cmap" : "viridis"} vmin, vmax: colormap scaling floats, default = None



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Plots the heatmap on the given Axes.

ax the Axes to plot on. If not given, a new figure is created, plotted on, and shown.
kwargs The optional keyword arguments are used to temporarily override the values present in the heatmap config. See init for more details on the allowed arguments.

A 2-tuple (ax, collection). ax is the plt.Axes that is plotted on. collection is the collection of paths drawn and filled.


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Add/Modify **kwargs args passed during initialisation.