Module: cirq_aqt.aqt_device

Current device parameters for the AQT/UIBK ion trap device

The device is based on a linear calcium ion string with arbitrary connectivity. For more information see:

The native gate set consists of the local gates: X,Y, and XX entangling gates


class AQTNoiseModel: A noise model for the AQT ion trap

class AQTSimulator: A simulator for the AQT device.


get_aqt_device(...): Returns an AQT ion device

get_default_noise_dict(...): Returns the current noise parameters

get_op_string(...): Find the string representation for a given gate


 'MS': cirq.XX,
 'R': <class 'cirq.ops.phased_x_gate.PhasedXPowGate'>,
 'X': cirq.X,
 'Y': cirq.Y,
 'Z': cirq.Z