Uses qm: QubitManager to map all CleanQubit/BorrowableQubits to system qubits.

CleanQubit and BorrowableQubit are internal qubit types that are used as placeholder qubits to record a clean / dirty ancilla allocation request.

This transformer uses the QubitManager provided in the input to:

  • Allocate clean ancilla qubits by delegating to qm.qalloc for all CleanQubits.
  • Allocate dirty qubits for all BorrowableQubit types via the following two steps:
    1. First analyse the input circuit and check if there are any suitable system qubits that can be borrowed, i.e. ones which do not have any overlapping operations between circuit[start_index : end_index] where (start_index, end_index) is the lifespan of temporary borrowable qubit under consideration. If yes, borrow the system qubits to replace the temporary BorrowableQubit.
    2. If no system qubits can be borrowed, delegate the request to qm.qborrow.

  1. The borrow protocol can be made more efficient by also considering the newly

allocated clean ancilla qubits in step-1 before delegating to qm.borrow, but this optimization is left as a future improvement.

2. As of now, the transformer does not preserve moment structure and defaults to

inserting all mapped operations in a resulting circuit using EARLIEST strategy. The reason is that preserving moment structure forces additional constraints on the qubit allocation strategy (i.e. if two operations op1 and op2 are in the same moment, then we cannot reuse ancilla across op1 and op2). We leave it up to the user to force such constraints using the qubit manager instead of making it part of the transformer. 3. However, for borrowable system qubits managed by the transformer, we do not reuse qubits within the same moment. 4. Since this is not implemented using the cirq transformers infrastructure, we currently do not support recursive mapping within sub-circuits and that is left as a future

circuit Input cirq.Circuit containing temporarily allocated CleanQubit/BorrowableQubits.
qm An instance of cirq.QubitManager specifying the strategy to use for allocating / / deallocating new ancilla qubits to replace the temporary qubits.

An updated cirq.Circuit with all CleanQubit/BorrowableQubit mapped to either existing system qubits or new ancilla qubits allocated using the qm qubit manager.