GateFamily which accepts instances of cirq.ParallelGate and it's sub_gate.

Inherits From: GateFamily

ParallelGateFamily is useful for description and validation of scenarios where multiple copies of a unitary gate can act in parallel. cirq.ParallelGate is used to express such a gate with a corresponding unitary sub_gate that acts in parallel.

ParallelGateFamily supports initialization via a) Gate Instance that can be applied in parallel. b) Gate Type whose instances can be applied in parallel.

In both the cases, the users can specify an additional parameter max_parallel_allowed which is used to verify the maximum number of qubits on which any given gate instance can act on.

To verify containment of a given cirq.Gate instance g, the gate family verfies that a) cirq.num_qubits(g) <= max_parallel_allowed if max_parallel_allowed is not None. b) g or g.sub_gate (if g is an instance of cirq.ParallelGate) is an accepted gate based on type or instance checks depending on the initialization gate type.

gate The gate which can act in parallel. It can be a python type inheriting from cirq.Gate or a non-parameterized instance of a cirq.Gate. If an instance of cirq.ParallelGate is passed, then the corresponding gate.sub_gate is used.
name The name of the gate family.
description Human readable description of the gate family.
max_parallel_allowed The maximum number of qubits on which a given gate g can act on. If None, then any number of qubits are allowed.








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