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A 2-qubit gate compiler based on precomputing/tabulating gate products.

base_gate Dataclass field
kak_vecs Dataclass field
single_qubit_gates Dataclass field
max_expected_infidelity Dataclass field
summary Dataclass field
missed_points Dataclass field



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Compute single qubit gates required to compile a desired unitary.

Given a desired unitary U, this computes the sequence of 1-local gates \(k_j\) such that the product

\(k_{n-1} A k_{n-2} A ... k_1 A k_0\)

is close to U. Here A is the base_gate of the tabulation.

unitary Unitary (U above) to compile.

A TwoQubitGateTabulationResult object encoding the required local unitaries and resulting product above.


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Return self==value.