A grid lattice rotated 45-degrees.

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This topology is based on Google devices where plaquettes consist of four qubits in a square connected to a central qubit:

x   x
x   x

The corner nodes are not connected to each other. width and height refer to the rectangle formed by rotating the lattice 45 degrees. width and height are measured in half-unit cells, or equivalently half the number of central nodes. An example diagram of this topology is shown below. It is a "tilted-square-lattice-6-4" with width 6 and height 4.

 │    │    │

x────X────x────X────x │ │ │ │ x────X────x────X───x │ │ │ x────X────x │ x

Nodes are 2-tuples of integers which may be negative. Please see get_placements for mapping this topology to a GridQubit Device.

width Dataclass field
height Dataclass field



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Draw this graph using Matplotlib.

ax Optional matplotlib axis to use for drawing.
tilted If True, directly position as (row, column); otherwise, rotate 45 degrees to accommodate the diagonal nature of this topology.
**kwargs Additional arguments to pass to nx.draw_networkx.


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Get the graph nodes as cirq.GridQubit


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Return a mapping from graph nodes to cirq.GridQubit

offset Offset row and column indices of the resultant GridQubits by this amount. The offset positions the top-left node in the draw(tilted=False) frame.


graph Instance of NotImplementedType
n_nodes Instance of NotImplementedType
name Instance of NotImplementedType