Represents a compilation of a target 2-qubit with respect to a base gate.

This object encodes the relationship between 4x4 unitary operators

U_target ~ k_N · Ubase · k{N-1} · ... · k_1 · U_base · k_0

where U_target, U_base are 2-local and k_j are 1-local.

base_gate_unitary A namedtuple alias for field number 0
target_gate 4x4 unitary denoting U_target above.
local_unitaries Sequence of 2-tuples \((k_{00}, k_{01}), (k_{10}, k_{11}) \ldots\) where \(k_j = k_{j0} \otimes k_{j1}\) in the product above. Each \(k_{j0}, k_{j1}\) is a 2x2 unitary.
actual_gate 4x4 unitary denoting the right hand side above, ideally equal to U_target.
success Whether actual_gate is expected to be close to U_target.
base_gate 4x4 unitary denoting U_base above.