A unitary, channel, mixture or other object that operates on a known number qubits/qudits/qids, each with a specific number of quantum levels.



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A tuple specifying the number of quantum levels of each qid this object operates on, e.g. (2, 2, 2) for a three-qubit gate.

This method is used by the global cirq.qid_shape method (and by cirq.num_qubits if _num_qubits_ is not defined). If this method is not present, or returns NotImplemented, it is assumed that the receiving object operates on qubits. (The ability to return NotImplemented is useful when a class cannot know if it has a shape until runtime.)

The order of values in the tuple is always implicit with respect to the object being called. For example, for gates the tuple must be ordered with respect to the list of qubits that the gate is applied to. For operations, the tuple is ordered to match the list returned by its qubits attribute.

The qid shape of this value, or NotImplemented if the shape is unknown.