Module: cirq_google.api.v2

Data format v2 for google api.


batch_pb2 module

calibration_pb2 module

device_pb2 module

metrics_pb2 module

program module

program_pb2 module

result_pb2 module

results module

run_context_pb2 module

sweeps module


class MeasureInfo: Extra info about a single measurement within a circuit.


find_measurements(...): Find measurements in the given program (circuit).

grid_qubit_from_proto_id(...): Parse a proto id to a cirq.GridQubit.

line_qubit_from_proto_id(...): Parse a proto id to a cirq.LineQubit.

named_qubit_from_proto_id(...): Parse a proto id to a `cirq.NamedQubit'

pack_bits(...): Pack bits given as a numpy array of bools into bytes.

qubit_from_proto_id(...): Return a cirq.Qid for a proto id.

qubit_to_proto_id(...): Return a proto id for a cirq.Qid.

results_from_proto(...): Converts a v2 result proto into List of list of trial results.

results_to_proto(...): Converts trial results from multiple sweeps to v2 protobuf message.

sweep_from_proto(...): Creates a Sweep from a v2 protobuf message.

sweep_to_proto(...): Converts a Sweep to v2 protobuf message.

unpack_bits(...): Unpack bits from a byte array into numpy array of bools.