Decomposes a 2q operation into at-most 2 CZs + 1q rotations; assuming q0 is initially |0>.

The method implements isometry from one to two qubits; assuming qubit q0 is always in the |0> state. See Appendix B.1 of for more details.

q0 The first qubit being operated on. This is assumed to always be in the |0> state.
q1 The other qubit being operated on.
mat Defines the unitary operation to apply to the pair of qubits.
allow_partial_czs Enables the use of Partial-CZ gates.
atol A limit on the amount of absolute error introduced by the construction.
clean_operations Enables optimizing resulting operation list by merging single qubit operations and ejecting phased Paulis and Z operations.

A list of operations implementing the action of the given unitary matrix, assuming the input qubit q0 is in the |0> state.