Module: cirq.devices

Types for devices, device-specific qubits, and noise models.


device module

grid_qubit module

line_qubit module

noise_model module

unconstrained_device module


class ConstantQubitNoiseModel: Applies noise to each qubit individually at the start of every moment.

class Device: Hardware constraints for validating circuits.

class GridQid: A qid on a 2d square lattice

class GridQubit: A qubit on a 2d square lattice.

class LineQid: A qid on a 1d lattice with nearest-neighbor connectivity.

class LineQubit: A qubit on a 1d lattice with nearest-neighbor connectivity.

class NoiseModel: Replaces operations and moments with noisy counterparts.

Type Aliases

NOISE_MODEL_LIKE: A cirq.NoiseModel or a value that can be trivially converted into one.

NO_NOISE Instance of cirq.devices.noise_model._NoNoiseModel

The trivial noise model with no effects.

This is the noise model used when a NOISE_MODEL_LIKE noise parameter is set to None.

UNCONSTRAINED_DEVICE Instance of cirq.devices.unconstrained_device._UnconstrainedDevice

A device with no constraints on operations or qubits.