A SimulationTrialResult for DensityMatrixSimulator runs.

Inherits From: SimulationTrialResult

The density matrix that is stored in this result is returned in the computational basis with these basis states defined by the qubit_map. In particular the value in the qubit_map is the index of the qubit, and these are translated into binary vectors where the last qubit is the 1s bit of the index, the second-to-last is the 2s bit of the index, and so forth (i.e. big endian ordering). The density matrix is a 2 ** num_qubits square matrix, with rows and columns ordered by the computational basis as just described.


  • qubit_map: {QubitA: 0, QubitB: 1, QubitC: 2} Then the returned density matrix will have (row and column) indices mapped to qubit basis states like the following table

    QubitA QubitB QubitC
    0 0 0 0
    1 0 0 1
    2 0 1 0
    3 0 1 1
    4 1 0 0
    5 1 0 1
    6 1 1 0
    7 1 1 1

params A ParamResolver of settings used for this result.
measurements A dictionary from measurement gate key to measurement results. Measurement results are a numpy ndarray of actual boolean measurement results (ordered by the qubits acted on by the measurement gate.)
final_simulator_state The final simulator state of the system after the trial finishes.
final_density_matrix The final density matrix of the system.
qubit_map A map from Qid to index used to define the ordering of the basis in the result.



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