Workflow utilities for sampling and measurement collection.


collector module

observable_grouping module

observable_measurement module

observable_measurement_data module

observable_readout_calibration module

observable_settings module

pauli_sum_collector module

sampler module: Abstract base class for things sampling quantum circuits.

zeros_sampler module


class BitstringAccumulator: A mutable container of bitstrings and associated metadata populated

class CircuitSampleJob: Describes a sampling task.

class Collector: Collects data from a sampler, in parallel, towards some purpose.

class InitObsSetting: A pair of initial state and observable.

class ObservableMeasuredResult: The result of an observable measurement.

class PauliSumCollector: Estimates the energy of a linear combination of Pauli observables.

class RepetitionsStoppingCriteria: Stop sampling when the number of repetitions has been reached.

class Sampler: Something capable of sampling quantum circuits. Simulator or hardware.

class VarianceStoppingCriteria: Stop sampling when average variance per term drops below a variance bound.

class ZerosSampler: A dummy sampler for testing. Immediately returns zeroes.



flatten_grouped_results(...): Flatten results from a collection of BitstringAccumulators into a list

group_settings_greedy(...): Greedily group settings which can be simultaneously measured.

measure_grouped_settings(...): Measure a suite of grouped InitObsSetting settings.

observables_to_settings(...): Transform an observable to an InitObsSetting initialized in the