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Module: cirq.circuits

Circuit classes, mutators, and outputs.


circuit module: The circuit data structure.

circuit_dag module

circuit_operation module: A structure for encapsulating entire circuits in an operation.

frozen_circuit module: An immutable version of the Circuit data structure.

insert_strategy module: Hard-coded options for adding multiple operations to a circuit.

moment module: A simplified time-slice of operations within a sequenced circuit.

optimization_pass module: Defines the OptimizationPass type.

qasm_output module: Utility classes for representing QASM.

quil_output module

text_diagram_drawer module


class AbstractCircuit: The base class for Circuit-like objects.

class Alignment: An enumeration.

class Circuit: A mutable list of groups of operations to apply to some qubits.

class CircuitDag: A representation of a Circuit as a directed acyclic graph.

class CircuitOperation: An operation that encapsulates a circuit.

class FrozenCircuit: An immutable version of the Circuit data structure.

class InsertStrategy: Indicates preferences on how to add multiple operations to a circuit.

class Moment: A time-slice of operations within a circuit.

class PointOptimizationSummary: A description of a local optimization to perform.

class PointOptimizer: Makes circuit improvements focused on a specific location.

class QasmOutput: Representation of a circuit in QASM (quantum assembly) format.

class QuilOutput: An object for passing operations and qubits then outputting them to

class TextDiagramDrawer: A utility class for creating simple text diagrams.

class Unique: A wrapper for a value that doesn't compare equal to other instances.