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Hardware metadata for homogenous 2d symmetric grid devices.

Inherits From: DeviceMetadata

qubit_pairs Iterable of pairs of cirq.Qids representing bi-directional couplings.
gateset cirq.Gateset indicating gates supported everywhere on the device.
gate_durations Optional dictionary of cirq.GateFamily instances mapping to cirq.Duration instances for gate timing metadata information. If provided, must match all entries in gateset.
all_qubits Optional iterable specifying all qubits found on the device. If None, all_qubits will be inferred from the entries in qubit_pairs.

ValueError if the union of GateFamily keys in gate_durations is not identical to set of gate families in gateset.
ValueError If qubit_pairs contains a self loop.
ValueError if all_qubits is provided and is not a superset of all the qubits found in qubit_pairs.

gate_durations Get a dictionary mapping from gateset to duration for gates.
gateset Returns the cirq.Gateset of supported gates on this device.
isolated_qubits Returns the set of all isolated qubits on the device (if appliable).
nx_graph Returns a nx.Graph where nodes are qubits and edges are couple-able qubits.
qubit_pairs Returns the set of all couple-able qubits on the device.
qubit_set Returns the set of qubits on the device.



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