Describes how to draw an operation in a circuit diagram.

wire_symbols The symbols that should be shown on the qubits affected by this operation. Must match the number of qubits that the operation is applied to.
exponent An optional convenience value that will be appended onto an operation's final gate symbol with a caret in front (unless it's equal to 1). For example, the square root of X gate has a text diagram exponent of 0.5 and symbol of 'X' so it is drawn as 'X^0.5'.
connected Whether or not to draw a line connecting the qubits.
exponent_qubit_index The qubit to put the exponent on. (The k'th qubit is the k'th target of the gate.) Defaults to the bottom qubit in the diagram.
auto_exponent_parens When this is True, diagram making code will add parentheses around exponents whose contents could look ambiguous (e.g. if the exponent contains a dash character that could be mistaken for an identity wire). Defaults to True.



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