Module: cirq.vis

Visualization utilities.


density_matrix module: Tool to visualize the magnitudes and phases in the density matrix

heatmap module

histogram module

state_histogram module: Tool to visualize the results of a study.

vis_utils module


class Heatmap: Distribution of a value in 2D qubit lattice as a color map.

class TwoQubitInteractionHeatmap: Visualizing interactions between neighboring qubits on a 2D grid.


get_state_histogram(...): Computes a state histogram from a single result with repetitions.

integrated_histogram(...): Plot the integrated histogram for an array of data.

plot_density_matrix(...): Generates a plot for a given density matrix.

plot_state_histogram(...): Plot the state histogram from either a single result with repetitions or

relative_luminance(...): Returns the relative luminance according to W3C specification.