Options specific to Floquet PhasedFSimCalibration.

Inherits From: PhasedFSimCalibrationOptions

Some angles require another angle to be characterized first so result might have more angles characterized than requested here.

characterize_theta Whether to characterize θ angle.
characterize_zeta Whether to characterize ζ angle.
characterize_chi Whether to characterize χ angle.
characterize_gamma Whether to characterize γ angle.
characterize_phi Whether to characterize φ angle.
readout_error_tolerance Threshold for pairwise-correlated readout errors above which the calibration will report to fail. Just before each calibration all pairwise two-qubit readout errors are checked and when any of the pairs reports an error above the threshold, the calibration will fail. This value is a sanity check to determine if calibration is reasonable and allows for quick termination if it is not. Set to 1.0 to disable readout error checks and None to use default, device-specific thresholds.
version Dataclass field
measure_qubits Dataclass field



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Create a PhasedFSimCalibrationRequest of the correct type for these options.

pairs Set of qubit pairs to characterize. A single qubit can appear on at most one pair in the set.
gate Gate to characterize for each qubit pair from pairs. This must be a supported gate which can be described cirq.PhasedFSim gate. This gate must be serialized by the cirq_google.SerializableGateSet used


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Gives a PhasedFSimCharacterization that can be used to override characterization after correcting for zeta, chi and gamma angles.


measure_qubits None
readout_error_tolerance None
version 2