The PhasedFSimGate characterization result.

parameters Map from qubit pair to characterization result. For each pair of characterized quibts a and b either only (a, b) or only (b, a) is present.
gate Characterized gate for each qubit pair. This is copied from the matching PhasedFSimCalibrationRequest and is included to preserve execution context.
options The options used to gather this result.
project_id Google's job project id.
program_id Google's job program id.
job_id Google's job job id.
engine_calibration The underlying device calibration that was used for this user-specific calibration.

This is a cached property that triggers a network call at the first use.

engine_job The cirq_google.EngineJob associated with this calibration request.

Available only when project_id, program_id and job_id attributes are present.



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Returns parameters for a qubit pair (a, b) or None when unknown.


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Creates the new results with certain parameters overridden for all characterizations.

This functionality can be used to zero-out the corrected angles and do the analysis on remaining errors.

parameters Parameters that will be used when overriding. The angles of that object which are not None will be used to replace current parameters for every pair stored.

New instance of PhasedFSimCalibrationResult with certain parameters overridden.


job_id None
program_id None
project_id None