Describes a given moment in terms of a characterization request.

moment Moment to characterize.
options Options that are applied to each characterized gate within a moment.
gates_translator Function that translates a gate to a supported FSimGate which will undergo characterization. Defaults to sqrt_iswap_gates_translator.
canonicalize_pairs Whether to sort each of the qubit pair so that the first qubit is always lower than the second.
sort_pairs Whether to sort all the qutibt pairs extracted from the moment which will undergo characterization.
permit_mixed_moments Whether to allow a mix of two-qubit gates with other irrelevant single-qubit gates.

Instance of a calibration request that characterizes a given moment, or None when it is an empty, measurement or single-qubit gates only moment.

IncompatibleMomentError when a moment contains operations other than the operations matched by gates_translator, or it mixes a single qubit and two qubit gates.