Association of a user gate with gate to calibrate.

This association stores information regarding rotation of the calibrated FSim gate by phase_exponent p:

(Z^-p ⊗ Z^p) FSim (Z^p ⊗ Z^-p).

The unitary matrix of the gate is:

[[1, 0, 0, 0], [0, cos(θ), (1/g^2) sin(θ), 0], [0, (g^2) sin(θ), cos(θ), 0], [0, 0, 0, exp(-iφ)]]

where g = exp(i·π·p)

The rotation should be reflected back during the compilation after the gate is calibrated and is equivalent to the shift of -2πp in the χ angle of PhasedFSimGate.

engine_gate Gate that should be used for calibration purposes.
phase_exponent Phase rotation exponent p.



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Creates a PhasedFSimGate which represents the characterized engine_gate but includes deviations in unitary parameters.

parameters The results of characterization of the engine gate.

Instance of PhasedFSimGate that executes a gate according to the characterized parameters of the engine_gate.


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Creates a composite operation that compensates for zeta, chi and gamma angles of the characterization.

qubits Qubits that the gate should act on.
parameters The results of characterization of the engine gate.
engine_gate 2-qubit gate that represents the engine gate. When None, the internal engine_gate of this instance is used. This argument is useful for testing purposes.

Tuple of tuple of operations that describe the compensated gate. The first index iterates over moments of the composed operation.

ValueError If the engine gate is not a 2-qubit gate.