Runs calibration requests on the Engine.

calibrations List of calibrations to perform described in a request object.
sampler cirq_google.Engine or cirq.Sampler object used for running the calibrations. When sampler is cirq_google.Engine or cirq_google.ProcessorSampler object then the calibrations are issued against a Google's quantum device. The only other sampler supported for simulation purposes is cirq_google.PhasedFSimEngineSimulator.
processor_id Used when sampler is cirq_google.Engine object and passed to cirq_google.Engine.run_calibrations method.
max_layers_per_request Maximum number of calibration requests issued to cirq.Engine at a single time. Defaults to 1.
progress_func Optional callback function that might be used to report the calibration progress. The callback is called with two integers, the first one being a number of layers already calibrated and the second one the total number of layers to calibrate.

List of PhasedFSimCalibrationResult for each requested calibration.

ValueError If less than one layers was requested to be calibrated, if calibrations of different types was supplied, if no processor_id or gate_set is provided, or if the calibration / sampler combo is not supported.