Compensates circuit for errors in zeta, chi and gamma angles by running on the engine.

The method calls prepare_floquet_characterization_for_moments to extract moments to characterize, run_calibrations to characterize them and make_zeta_chi_gamma_compensation_for_moments to compensate the circuit with characterization data.

circuit Circuit to characterize and calibrate.
sampler cirq_google.Engine or cirq.Sampler object used for running the calibrations. When sampler is cirq_google.Engine or cirq_google.ProcessorSampler object then the calibrations are issued against a Google's quantum device. The only other sampler supported for simulation purposes is cirq_google.PhasedFSimEngineSimulator.
processor_id Used when sampler is cirq_google.Engine object and passed to cirq_google.Engine.run_calibrations method.
options Options that are applied to each characterized gate within a moment. Defaults to all_except_for_chi_options which is the broadest currently supported choice.
gates_translator Function that translates a gate to a supported FSimGate which will undergo characterization. Defaults to sqrt_iswap_gates_translator.
merge_subsets Whether to merge moments that can be characterized at the same time together.
max_layers_per_request Maximum number of calibration requests issued to cirq.Engine at a single time. Defaults to 1.
progress_func Optional callback function that might be used to report the calibration progress. The callback is called with two integers, the first one being a number of layers already calibrated and the second one the total number of layers to calibrate.
permit_mixed_moments Whether to allow mixing single-qubit and two-qubit gates in a single moment.

Tuple of:

  • Calibrated circuit together with its calibration metadata in CircuitWithCalibration object. The calibrated circuit has single-qubit Z gates added which compensates for the true gates imperfections. The moment to calibration mapping is updated for the new circuit so that successive calibrations could be applied.
  • List of characterizations results that were obtained in order to calibrate the circuit.