Distribution of a value in 2D qubit lattice as a color map.

value_map dictionary A dictionary of QubitTuples as keys and corresponding magnitude as float values. It corresponds to the data which should be plotted as a heatmap.
title str, default = None
plot_colorbar bool, default = True
annotation_map dictionary, A dictionary of QubitTuples as keys and corresponding annotation str as values. It corresponds to the text that should be added on top of each heatmap polygon unit.
annotation_format str, default = '.2g' Formatting string using which annotation_map will be implicitly contstructed by applying format(value, annotation_format) for each key in value_map. This is ignored if annotation_map is explicitly specified.
annotation_text_kwargs Matplotlib Text **kwargs,
colorbar_position {'right', 'left', 'top', 'bottom'}, default = 'right'
colorbar_size str, default = '5%'
colorbar_pad str, default = '2%'
colorbar_options Matplotlib colorbar **kwargs, default = None,
colormap Matplotlib colormap, default = viridis vmin, vmax: colormap scaling floats, default = None



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Plots the heatmap on the given Axes.

ax the Axes to plot on. If not given, a new figure is created, plotted on, and shown.
collection_options keyword arguments passed to mcoll.PolyCollection().

A 2-tuple (ax, collection). ax is the plt.Axes that is plotted on. collection is the collection of paths drawn and filled.


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Add/Modify **kwargs args passed during initialisation.